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ESWC 2009


The ninth ESWC

Remember a group called "Beatles" and their song "Revolution Number 9"? Well, MicroISVs do not stage revolutions but we initiate evolution. And as we all know evolution is this magic thing of development to the better. That fits, doesn`t it? So Berlin was the scene and stage of a special show of strength and unity in our software industry despite the odds of revolving and revolting (!) financial markets. With many participants we were well and prepared to enjoy a great variety of sessions and to encounter many known and new faces from places as remote as San Francisco and Moscow. Europe became the anchor and the harbor of our European Software Conference but we were happy to achieve that Berlin and the ESWC 2009 were witnessing a truely worldwide representation of human ingenuity. Open all senses! fulfilled its meaning and we all are an active part of this ongoing revolutionary evolution of the senses and of the mind. The innovative concept of the ESWC to include future trends has proven to be the right path. Our keyspeaker Sam Ramji President of the Codeplex Foundation and Mark Stone showed that the advancing software industry is reaching out to all members of the developing family including the Open Source community to find models that suit both sides. Sessions and speakers were excellent with new topics and speakers. Berliner Weißes (Beer) at the Alt-Berlin was a blast and Emsisoft`s Christian with its brilliant product a-squared Anti-Malware rightfully enthusiastical about his Epsilon Award 2009.

Thank you so much to all participants and sponsors.

Here are a few impressions from this ninth annual European Software Conference, the premiere event for the European Software and MicroISV Community held in November 2009 in Berlin, Germany.

A special thanks to Dave for giving us the permission to include some of his pictures in our blend

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3. Pictures by Avangate

Presentations and scripts

1. Keynote by Sam Ramji and Mark Stone

2. Emsisoft (Winner 0f the Epsilon Award) Website announcement

3. Marius Mailat from - 100-SEO-methods

4. Aston Fallen from asknet Inc. Global reach and emerging markets.

5. Alwin Hoogerdijk: Web-Apps: The End for Software Downloads?

6. Alwin Hoogerdijk: The Art of Ignoring

7. Gilles Pardon from Softdatabase France - How to sell software into China

8.Distributed Agile Development by Andrew Kazyrevich from Codevanced.

9.Laurentiu Ghenciu and Adrian Iordan from Avangate

5 Tried and tested ways to increase conversion rates

How to Monitor and Protect Your Reputation Online

10. Dmitry Starostenkov from Perpetuum Software
Merging of ISV and custom development companies: benefits of cross-selling

11.Jürgen Weichert from deal united GmbH
Conversion 3.0 – the next level in creating incremental revenue

12. Olga Blazhevich & Vladislav Elizarov from Softkey
The Russian Software market

13. Dave Collins of SharewarePromotions Ltd
Google AdWords

14. Aleksey Savkin of AKS-Labs
Managing team of remote developers

15. Peter Kirchner of Microsoft:
Seamless integration in Windows 7 - the path towards application compatibility

16. Thomas Neudert von IBM - IBM's Software Strategy -open services in a secure web environment

17. Andy Brice: Marketing for microISVs - embracing the "dark" side?


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The conference was packed with invaluable information
for any software author. I also really enjoyed the social
side - It made a nice break from my normal hermit-like
working life. I certainly hope to attend future conferences.

Andy Brice (

I just wanted to congratulate for the perfect ESWC conference this year. It has been a real pleasure to participate and there have been plenty of well performed presentations. Again thanks a lot for organizing this event. I'm looking forward meeting you again next year.

Dr. Sven Abels (