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ESWC 2001


Giving birth in 2001
The first ESWC

This first conference exploring Bridges Across Cyberspace was a huge success!

Here are some impressions and on the first annual European Shareware Conference, the premiere event for the European Shareware Community held in November 2001.


*(courtesy of Dave Collins and Bjarte Hetland)

The ISCF thanks the following sponsors of 2001 for making this event possible:


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The conference was packed with invaluable information
for any software author. I also really enjoyed the social
side - It made a nice break from my normal hermit-like
working life. I certainly hope to attend future conferences.

Andy Brice (

I just wanted to congratulate for the perfect ESWC conference this year. It has been a real pleasure to participate and there have been plenty of well performed presentations. Again thanks a lot for organizing this event. I'm looking forward meeting you again next year.

Dr. Sven Abels (