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Why us?

  • Independent
  • Professional
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  • Software cravers
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Where can you find us?

The European Software Conference is managed by the ESWC e.V. Since 2001 we have been serving the software community. We started with about 40 people and have grown to a healthy average of about 150 participants with some conferences over 200. Sponsors are coming from "big" and "small" corporations, participants from all of Europe with a smaller share from overseas. The unique concept of bridging the distances and differences benefits both small and medium-sized software companies and multi-million corporations. Learning from the grassroots and reaching out to the top is our platform of understanding and cooperation.



The organisation commitee consists of:

President and Executive Director David Boventer


President and Executive Director David Boventer




Event and Sponsor Coordinator: Panagiota Zachariadou


Event and Sponsor Coordinator: Panagiota Zachariadou




Treasurer: Rainer Maeder




Advisory Board:
Paris Karahalios Trius Inc.


Honorary member:

Gary Elfring (since 2006)

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Thank you again for the excellent conference!

Rune Bjornstad (

Unlike most conferences (often large, anonymous affairs) this one was highly personal and there was a strong sense of community.

Anna-Jayne Metcalfe (