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ESWC 2008


The eighth ESWC

Berlin is really an experience of its own kind. While walls were everywhere in "those" times you cannot tell anymore where "the East" was (except besides a fine line on the street). Sounds similar to what we experience in our (Micro-)ISV-community. Eastern and Western Northern and Southern Europeans mingle and communicate in an united European Union of Software. Open all senses! caused a revelating experience of the blend that is taking place in our software world. Web, mobile and desktop spheres and applications are merging and we are an active part of this ongoing revolution of the senses and of the mind. The innovative concept of the ESWC to include future trends has proven to be the right path. Our keyspeaker Hartmut Kaiser showed that architecture is an issue to be thought about. Our eyes were widely open and the ears focussed - an outstanding success in quality and intensity while the number of participants was higher than last year and the sessions as good as never before. Bavarian beer in Berlin was a blast and WinRAR enthusiastical about their Epsilon Award 2008.

Thank you so much to all participants and sponsors.

Here are a few impressions from this eighth annual European Software Conference, the premiere event for the European Software and MicroISV Community held in November 2008 in Berlin, Germany.

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Presentations and scripts

1. Keynote by Hartmut Kaiser of MSDN: ESWC_Architecture-Keynote_2008

2. Sven Kappel of Paypal: PayPal - Possibilities and Opportunities for Developers

3. Jürgen Weichert of Dealunited: Cross-Selling 3.0

4. Ian Hunter of So, you haven't got a Test Department yet?

5. Axel Katerbau and Dirk Theisen of Mac and Windows
Two Separate Worlds?

6. Comments and details on Wrapped Apps (Elastx) at the ESWC 2008.

7. Dirk Heidemann (Deutsche Telekom) Telco 2.0

8. Janaina Piloma (Forum Nokia) Mobilising the Web

9. Denise Purtzer (Digital River) Affiliate Best Practices and Insider Tips

10.Blog and Comments by Riverblade

11. Pictures by Avangate

12. Impressions by Greg Weir from Tucows

14. Sharon Housley from NotePage Inc: ecommerce, software-marketing-myths, relationship-networking

15. Aston Fallen from asknet Inc. How to increase your conversion rate in the Digital Marketplace?




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The conference was packed with invaluable information
for any software author. I also really enjoyed the social
side - It made a nice break from my normal hermit-like
working life. I certainly hope to attend future conferences.

Andy Brice (

I just wanted to congratulate for the perfect ESWC conference this year. It has been a real pleasure to participate and there have been plenty of well performed presentations. Again thanks a lot for organizing this event. I'm looking forward meeting you again next year.

Dr. Sven Abels (