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The Nominees in 2009

Epsilon Award Winner Certificate

Epsilon is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet and the Phoenician Word for sun derives from that root. An astronomer knows that there is a constellation in space called (Lambda)-Epsilon which we can see at the right hand side. So the Epsilon Award is given for a combination of Excellency, craftsmanship and visionary ability in your software design. These are characteristics of an outstanding programmer and a piece of true software art.


The Epsilon Award - the nominated of 2009

There can be only one winner but there are many programs and authors that took part in the previous Epsilon Award and passed the nomination phase. This is to honor them and their work.

3D Box Shot V3 by Jellypie LTD.
a-squared Anti-Malware by Emsi Software GmbH
Auto Shutdown Manager by EnviProt.
DataInherit by Christoph Wolf
EasyShell by Bogdan Stroe.
Exstora / Exstora Pro by
Fanurio by Fanurio Time Tracking SRL
FolderMatch. By Salty Brine Software.
Guitar & Drum Trainer.
Imago by Cosentient Technologies, LLC.
Konvertor Logipole by Jean Piquemal
Most Popular Solitaire 2.0 by Goodsol Development, Inc.
PE Explorer. By Heaventools Software.
Press Release Submitter by Fastlink2.
RecentX by Conceptworld Corporation.
ScreenCamera by PCWinSoft Systems Ltd.
Simfatic Forms by Simfatic Solutions.
Sleep Moon Xpress by Reohix Ltd.
Smart Diary Suite 4. By Programming Sunrise.
Sprintometer by Sprintometer Ltd.
the RecordsKeeper by RecordsKeeper Software
Trace Modeler. By Yanic Inghelbrecht.
VDownloader by Enrique Puertas
WhizBase 5 by Djikic Faik.


The conference was packed with invaluable information
for any software author. I also really enjoyed the social
side - It made a nice break from my normal hermit-like
working life. I certainly hope to attend future conferences.

Andy Brice (

I just wanted to congratulate for the perfect ESWC conference this year. It has been a real pleasure to participate and there have been plenty of well performed presentations. Again thanks a lot for organizing this event. I'm looking forward meeting you again next year.

Dr. Sven Abels (